Original Grillheads (OGs)

How did Grillheads get its start?

It started with two lifelong friends – Aaron Kirchner (left) and Josh Anderson (right) - wanting to find a way to make a business out of one of their all-time favorite hobbies – grilling. Who doesn’t like drinking a few cold ones and grilling after a long day (or anytime really)? We knew that we could produce high-quality supplies and rubs to help anyone get the most out of each grilling session.

Grillheads Supply Co About Us Founders

It started through years of trying to figure out how we could start a side hustle. It started digitally with today’s version of the back of napkin plan – with hundreds of texts. From there it was just one action step at a time as we motivated each other to actually get the business off the ground! It was almost like an unspoken dare.

Since it was started in late 2019 and officially launched in June 2020, Grillheads has grown more rapidly than we could have imagined.

We knew a few things. We knew that we hated crappy tools that you had to replace every season. We knew we hated supplies that didn’t get the job done. We knew we didn’t like a lot of the expensive rub offerings out there. We thought that we could do better, and we have.

We started it with the idea to create some high-quality BBQ tools that we would love to use ourselves. That eventually morphed into the rub line as well. I (Josh) LOVE garlic on about everything I cook so OMG was my baby while Aaron took the lead on Jack and Queen Bee. They all turned out better than we would have imagined!

The business and process of figuring out this crazy industry goes on. We aren’t a big business or corporation that you see owning the industry. We are two dudes and a vision. Aaron still mails out every single order from our website – shout out to him for that – while also handling sales, content creation and retail partner relationships. I still build and update our website and the digital marketing. We still and will always continue to take your feedback to heart.

Where will we go from here?

Great question! Right now, our vision is to continue to make the highest quality products and get them into the hands of as many people as possible to experience just how good the rubs are or how great the tools are. If we can do that, we know that word will spread about this little crazy idea called Grillheads Supply Co.

How can we help your next grilling session? How can we help you blow away everyone you cook for? Drop us a line and one of us will get back to you!


The real, REAL OGs are our dads! We can remember countless BBQs with our pops. They did it for fun. They did it because they loved cooking for their kids. They did it right. Here's to you all!

Catch You At The Grill,

Original Grillheads About Us




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