Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups Recipe

Craving pizza but looking for a fun twist? Our Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups are the perfect answer! With just five simple ingredients and less than 25 minutes, you can whip up these cheesy, garlicky, pepperoni-filled delights that are sure to be a hit with everyone.


  • Crescent roll dough
  • Pizza sauce
  • Pepperoni slices
  • Mozzarella sticks, halved
  • Grillheads Oh My Garlic (OMG) Rub
  • Melted butter


  • Prep the Dough: Begin by unrolling your crescent roll dough. This will be the base of your roll-ups, so make sure to lay them out flat for easy assembly.
  • Add the Toppings: Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on each crescent roll. Then, place four or five pepperoni slices on top. The pizza sauce and pepperoni will give you that classic pizza flavor.
  • Cheese It Up: Place a half mozzarella stick on each roll. The mozzarella sticks will melt into gooey perfection, creating that irresistible cheese pull.
  • Season: Sprinkle a little bit of the Grillheads Oh My Garlic rub over the top. This will add a burst of garlicky flavor that complements the cheese and pepperoni beautifully.
  • Roll Them Up: Carefully roll up the crescent rolls, ensuring the toppings are snugly wrapped inside.
  • Butter and Season Again: Mix a little more OMG rub into melted butter and brush this mixture over each roll-up. This step adds an extra layer of flavor and helps the rolls turn golden brown.
  • Bake to Perfection: Preheat your oven to 400°F and bake the roll-ups for about 20 minutes, or until the crescent rolls are golden and the cheese starts to ooze out.

These Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups are not just a quick and easy snack; they're a crowd-pleaser that brings the joy of pizza in a fun, handheld format. Perfect for a quick lunch, a snack, or even a party appetizer, these roll-ups are sure to satisfy your pizza cravings in a unique and delicious way. Remember, the key to these delightful bites is in the quality of ingredients and the perfect amount of seasoning. So, roll up your sleeves, get rolling, and enjoy the cheesy goodness!

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